Emmanuel Outreach

Jesus calls every one of his followers, the universal Christian Church, to care for all persons in the world in which they live. This is recognized as the foremost tenant of Christianity. To support this global objective, the national Episcopal Church and most, if not all, of its constituent dioceses and their parishes, endeavor to support the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations (Ref.1) to reach out to unfortunate people in the world to alleviate causes of human suffering such as hunger, pain, disease, loneliness. It includes the local efforts of a community’s spiritual centers Emmanuel Episcopal Church deeply involved in reaching out in the Norwich Area Community to persons and families in need. Thus, the mission of
Emmanuel is:

To carry out the work of Jesus Christ in the world through ministry to our parish family and outreach to the larger community.

The number of persons in need seems to be continually increasing. Over the past two decades, several of the larger employers have left the area leaving many unemployed. New employers have not yet created the number of jobs necessary for a healthy economy. And it seems that many of the new jobs do not pay at a level required to meet the basic needs of families. That the availability of funds from New York State and the Federal governments has not been increased commensurate with the increased need for help makes the situation bleak for those in need. As more people become desperate, the number of requests for help that Emmanuel and other such agencies receive has progressively increased.

How Emmanuel can reach out best be of service in the midst of these adverse community realities continues to be a major challenge for the Vestry of Emmanuel Church.

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If you need to contact Lynn Walton, our Outreach Coordinator, you can now reach her at EmmanuelMission@frontier.com or by Telephone at 607-334-8803