Faith Development

The development of faith in individuals is one of the most important  responsibilities of a faith community such as Emmanuel Parish.  Faith development begins early in life, even at birth, as a child begins to experience the world that surrounds them. As infants, we develop some of our most important belief systems such as: the love (or lack of love) of a family and extended family, the sense of aloneness and the need of a loving parent, the fear of uncertainty and the learning to have faith in a stable environment, the dependence on those around us when we cannot help ourselves to reference just a few.  Our faith development effects how we live our lives, how we make decisions, and what we believe about relationships with our environment, with one another, and with God.

The call of the Church of Jesus Christ, first and foremost, is to be a messenger of the good news of God.  With our actions, as well as our teaching, the Church is intended to instruct the world about the reality of God and the possibilities as followers of the teachings of Jesus to live a life of faith that is centered in mutual action and caring, mutual forgiveness, living not only for ourselves alone, but for God and one another.  How can we call ourselves a Church if we do not help all people (children through the most elderly alike) develop and sustain their faith through a Christian Education Program that critically examines mankinds’ experiences with God and that honously presents the teaching of Jesus Christ as a means of worshipping God by offering him thanksgiving for the blessings experienced in life.  Therefore, we have several ministries that are intended to teach the basics of the Christian faith to children and to help adults develop a mature faith in God

YOUNG PEOPLES SUNDAY SCHOOL. Emmanuel’s Sunday School class meets at 9:30 a.m. during the Sunday Worship Service. The classes are devoted to studying the weekly Lectionary Lessons using the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum..  All children in the Greater Norwich Area as well as those already in Emmanuel Parish were cordially invited to join in the excitement and fun in learning about God, Jesus, and being an Episcopalian.

Lynne A. Walton, Christian Education Director,was the Sunday School leader.  She was retained especially to expedite faith development at Emmanuel.  Lynne is a “Cradle Episcopalian” from our sister parish, St. Andrew’s in New Berlin, NY.  She attended New Berlin High School and Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.  After 32 years working as an industrial hygienist and safety engineer for Proctor & Gamble, she retired in August, 2010.  Lynne taught a fourth grade class for 9 years at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, West Chester, OH.  Currently she is attending Christian Leadership School , Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester, NY.

For the last spring 2012 project, Lynne put on her construction manager’s hat while supervising students Nicholas, Averie, Alexandria, Sabrina. Matthew, Kerri, and Brandon as they constructed, landscaped, and painted a diorama of Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion. You may have seen it outside the choir room during Holy Week.

SPECIAL EVENTS will enhance the enjoyment and education of the young people.  Some will be solely for Emmanuel’s Sunday School class(s).  Others will be held for all youth of the eight parishes in the Chenango District.

If you have any question or need additional information, please, telephone Lynne at 607/334-6824 (home) or 607/513-238-4508 (cell) or send her an email.