vestryIn brief, Emmanuel Episcopal Church is organized according to the Canons (Rules) of the Episcopal Church of the USA and the Diocese of Central New York, which is chartered according to the Religious Corporation Law of the State of New York.

The church has a board of directors called the vestry. The chairperson of the vestry is an ordained clergy person selected by the church’s vestry from a list of clergy persons approved by the bishop of the Diocese of Central New York. The title of the cleric at Emmanuel is “A District Rector”.  There also are two wardens, who serve for two-year terms and work with the rector as an executive committee. In addition there are vestry persons. Emmanuel Church has nine, each having a three-year term. At Emmanuel Parish’s Annual Meeting every January, persons are nominated and elected to fill the warden and vestry person positions of those whose terms have expired. At the vestry’s annual re-organizational meeting in January, a Clerk of the Vestry and a Treasure are elected and Chairpersons for the commissions are appointed by the rector or his/her surrogate.